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Loner’s Love

People are messy, I don't like them.People are complicated, and I love simple.Relatives show, I hide, they name me solitude. From my cave, I write, in their tower, they nod.You say I am, I say am I?What you are limits you, attached to nothing I is free.You do not snub, I get that, you have …

MUSIC OF PEACE 1 from Sign of humanity

True peace is a state of nothing, the music of peace is not silent. Words are powerful, man is what man is today due to words from parents, guardians, teachers, friends, and enemies. Everyday words, just like chores, bore and disperse. The right combination of words penetrates and sticks. Everyday words, common words, take little …

Birth Day

Long way to this day.Long way from this day.This day, 6 may.6 may, day of birth☺️

Game of More

Into this world, non begged to enter, all were dragged in.Many are dragged out, only a few go out in style.Nothing is fair, nature is not balanced, men create more imbalance.The world is not suitable for more, but more are dragged in to amuse society.Roam, beg, struggle, they laugh.In society's game of more, many are …

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